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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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Depends... He wasn't mentioned in the game itself, but in the "The Introduction" film that came with the Soundtrack. So, the answer is F.

Ok, I've told you to stop with this, but I couldn't resist to this one:

Complete the sentence:

J__t a _a_ I _nc_ _e__ i_ f___ c_m_e__t___. _ __n l_t__a___ ____s_ed w___ r_v_n__.

HINT: Zero, Berkely, Carl

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(Prologue and introduction are the same thing)

False, you can't see any Love Fist poster in Jizzy's Club.

[T/F] You can make 999999999$ in GTA San Andreas in one day without cheating or abusing a bug.

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the "Introduction" I was talking about was the short movie that comes with the game's OST.

I think you can, betting in the casinos.

[T/F] Millie has a pink car with the custom plate "FUCK"

(The Introduction that comes with the Special Edition (and probably the OST, I don't know) is the prologue for the game's story, like I said, they are one and the same.)

Answer to my question: TRUE, but not casinos, getting 999.999.999$ from gambling takes forever. What I expected you to say is doing Vigilante missions with Hunter, after 1 hour or so you'll gain so much combo you'll be earning 50.000.000$ a minute :awesome:

Answer to your question: TRUE and FALSE, she owns a pink Club but the license plate says ''SPANK''. Rawr!

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Hmm ok... let's see umm.

Q: One of the following isn't based off a real vehicle:

A. Hydra

B. Tractor

C. BF Injection

D. Vortex

Bonus points if you specify which real vehicle each is based on (make, model).


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that's a hard one... Lemme see:

  • The Hydra is a Jumpjet, based on a Harrier.
  • The BF injection is based on the Meyers Manx, so it isnt either.

Here's the point:

  • The Vortex is a hovercraft, and isn't based in any specifical model.
  • The Tractor is a tractor (O RLY? I thought it was a spaceship ¬¬'), also not based in any model.

So... I think I'll bet on the Vortex.

[T/F] The game considers the Vortex to be a boat.

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(You answered right, though it wouldn't be wrong to say that the tractor isn't based on a specific vehicle).

FALSE: The game considers it a plane.

[T/F] You can hover over whole of San Andreas with the Vortex.

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