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You're thinking of it wrong - it won't mean you can't read any forums. That isn't it. It would stop you posting in some areas. But (if its better) there could be no post restrictions, just a difference in status and maybe not allowed to join gangs/clans. That way people just have to do a little bit to prove they're not a spammer, that's all. This isnt earning your place in the forum, and it isn't an honour given to a small number of people. They just have to talk about GTA for a little while to have the restrictions lifted.

I'm not pushing the idea - just making sure people understand what I was referring to.

Can someone run with that idea and think of a way we can encourage members to post about GTA without stopping them posting in other places?

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I know this is a GTA site, but we're basically just waiting for info and in the mean time talk about irrelivant stuff until the wait is over.

That's what I've been trying to say. San Andreas has been out since what, 04'? It's just the start of 08'...now you can't consider the idea of lack of interest eventually. It's gonna kinda get run down for a little but when GTA IV comes I'm sure everything should be somewhat more packed in the GTA related parts of the forum.

Or maybe this is just a phaze O.o...and we need to get a little back on track..

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