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New Years Resolution


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To get fit,.... kinda... not that i'ma lardass or anything.. but.... I cant run to muy GF;'s house (like, 150, a light jog, ) without feeling physically sick... which.. is bad... since i used to pwn evryone at 100m sprint (back in the day, man the 90's rocked!)

Burt yeah, just that, and... don't flunk college (aiming for merits / distinctions.)


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Saving some money is probably going to be one of mine too.

I have thought of one.

My sister is undefeated against me in Monopoly, so one of my New Years resolutions will be beating my Sister in a game of Monopoly. lol it's stupid but mainly I cannot be bothered.

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To get fit would be my first one, I'm on this forum so much that I forgot what the outside world was like! Maybe I'll just play Vice City on PC to remind me...oh wait my Vice City won't work!

And save every dollar I have! Not only on tgtap, but in real life as well!

Does anyone realize over half of us will forget about these new years resolutions and not attend to them by next week? :D So that's why only one new years resolution works! To not have any! So you don't have to do anything at all!

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Get laid >.<

Meh, idk, so far I've made a plan with my mate to get drunk one day in school, hopefully that won't bring any severe consecuenses...Apparently you can get kicked out for that. We decided we should go out more and make more shit at school, when we resonated the last year the result was dissapointing. Probably get a job over summer, go out more...

Tbh I haven't really give much attention to the new year plans, over time I've come to a point where I just accept w/e life brings.

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To find a nice cardboard box to make a toilet to complete my house.

To have a shower.

TO eat a cooked meal that doesn't come out of the garbage.

Live off the governments money,

On the serious note:

Stop being a pessimist.

To look happier.

To improve in the guitar.

To improve in school.

To spit on holy water.

To get more fit, although I'm fitter then I was last year.

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