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Was September 11 all a conspiracy?


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Get better soon :)

Back on topic. I believe the Twin Towers were actually 'plane-proof'. The flaw being, however, that they did merely thought about the impact, not about the fire that would rage afterwards. The heavely damaged structure in combination with the fire that was weakening the support collums brought the tower down. Slowly, until it was heated to the point that they had lost most of it's strength and couldn't hold up the massive wait that it was supporting any longer.

I'm not trying to convince you of anything. Just stating the way I see it and believe it happend.

Again, I'm not stating what the media said. I'm stating my own reasoning after summing up lots of fact, footage ect.

When the same person who once stated that he is a terrorist is found with data for plans of crashing planes into a building (they didn't have the WTC in mind yet) on his lap-top that got confiscated and who's friend that got arrested after they had a little accident when they were experimenting with their home-made bombs (his house was full of the stuff the make it) and after being tortured (sometimes.. brute force just is needed.) cracks, and gives up the information he got and knows, including the plan to use planes for an attack. I think it's pretty safe to say it was a terrorist attack.

Yeah, maybe Bush did react slow. But what else should he have done? Give the hijackers a call and asking them to please land the plane safely on a nearby airstrip and after that have a cup of thee while negotiating about Bush's regime and what Al-Qaeda would want him to do differenty?

It's not that easy. Nothing would have been different if Bush had left the school straight away. He's a president, not the head of the crisis management team. He hasn't been trained for any situation like that one and thus isn't in charge (well, he is if he wants. But there is someone else who leads these type of situations). There is not need for the presidents permission to just get some F16's in the air so they can get the plane (what wouldn't really be possible anyway. See one of my previous posts).

So that's that. I think that except for the hole in the Pentagon, pretty much everything has a solid counter argument that is very lickely to be true and not based on speculations, but facts, footage and eyewitnesses.

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The 'food for oil' was used in Iraq but notice how Bill Clinton first came up with the idea then the used it when they went

to war with Iraq......

Bill Clinton never ran the UNITED NATIONS(as in UN Security Council Resolution 986 AKA food for oil).

I dont need legitimate sources....

That speaks for itself, I've wasted all the time I'm going to on this w/ you.

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Sorry but what I meant is by 'I dont need legitimate sources' was that people with power claiming Bush had a part in 9/11, however thats not going to happen. I have lots of facts, just can't be bothered posting them. No one ever persuaded me that Bush did 9/11, I believe it myself, at first I thought al-quada done it but then I took a step back and wondered whether they could do something this big by themselves (not they were small time terrorists at the time), then the more information I found about Bush e.g linking him with the Bin Ladens and the way he choose not to do anything for about half an hour after the first plane hit, it made sense to me that he was a part of it.

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I guess that it is possible to come to such a conclusion, yeah.

But you'll have to know that it was his father who did business with Osama's father. George W Bush did not.

Osama's dad can't help his son starting something like Al-Qaeda.

But again, what would you expect Bush to do? Nothing really. He isn't in charge of the air-force. It's a normal procedure to send those planes to search for the plane missing.

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My friend watched it on Google Video and Google authorized it. If it were to be uploaded onto Youtube it would be remain there as well. I think I spotted loose Change 2 on Youtube a few months ago but that was before Youtube started putting 10 minute limits on every video uploaded.

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Kinda off topic here but isnt it breaking the rules to tell someone to get something off of Limewire?

No warez - Discussion about illegally obtaining copyrighted material is strictly forbidden

Limewire, nor any other P2P program is not illegal. Using it for illegal purposes, however, is. Just like guns, bongs, and propane-soaked mouth gags....

But that's all I'll add to this discussion. Fuck all this "CONSPIRACY!" "YOU ARE STUPID!" bullshit.

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No offense or anything, but you really are pushing it saying stuff like this on a (mainly USA members) forum...far out..

I mean...like...know your place..

Whether it was or it wasn't...you cant really do much about it.

And like it said on that website that was posted in the first page, if it was a conspiracy, then wouldnt the government have shut down their site etc??

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The Pentagon is the main example; How, does a Boeing 757 disappear into a small hole, then make another hole at the other side and not leaving the nose behind?

Or that the FBI arrived in minutes to confiscate any videos that recorded the attack...

Or that there was a lack of debree (or however you spell it) at the site?

There's many things but I haven't finished downloading the video so I can only watch parts of it before it stops.

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