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HI everyone!

i have a problem with my .(-- BMW M5 e60 by Motzi for GTA: San Andreas [2005] --) I download this file for San Andreas from cars/vehicles section.

I want to know that there are retyping sentences for carmods,carcols,handling.

there isn't a retyping sentence for (vehicles.ide).

because of that i can't see this car anywhere i mean BMW E60 (sultan).



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Damn ! I replied to you in that topic !

Anyways, here it is , my reply in that topic...

PROBABLY you don't have to modify the vehicles.ide, because the info in the .txt is about carcols.dat and carmods.dat. So if you got your carcols changed as it says, do the same for carmods.dat [the info to be pasted in original carmods.dat is also provided].

ADVICE- backup everything that you attempt to modify.

Hope this helps you mate.

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.......are you sure that you deleted the sultan.dff and sultan.txd before you add thhe BMW?......and after replacing those file you REBUILT the archive?.......anyway......i think that the sultan is spawned at the wangcars show room from san fierro....try to loock there.....or type the EVERYONEISRICH cheat.....and yeah I know ...my english sucks... :whistle::innocent:

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