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This might be stupid new so dont rip me for this it sound a lil retartded.

If ur wonderin about the realease date of gta 4 i just pre ordered itand the guy at EB GAMES said it going to be release on Aprill 1rst. I asked him if he was sure and he said hes 80% sure abput april 1rst and 20% of him says it will come out on 3/3/08 the release date wont change. And i asked him y he was so sure and he told me that EB Games/Gamestop, are all official sponsered retailers of R* games and they get new about R* games months before the games come out(Exclusive to EB and Gamestop). and if u go on the rcokstar site under gta4 and u click on pre order it takes u to the sight of those retailers. and on each 1 of those retailers realease dates it shows either 4/1/08 or 3/3/08

Im not sayin their right but it s a bit of info i just found out.

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