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Been a while since I last posted, but anyways, did some new thing:


It's a new style I wanted to try out, I think it was done very well. Labels aren't really big in graphics, but I think it is, gives some really great results in some work.

Anyways, critique? :D

I think it looks cool, I love your style of sigs! Something to improve on? Well the corners for the boxes of writing look a bit too sharp, maybe you could try to blend it in with the background. Kind of like the top left corner of the 'TM' box.

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Heh, it's been a while since I last posted here. :P So yeah, sorry for the bump etc.

Anyways, I'm currently working on a new website template for my graphics/web design portfolio and considering now my college is finally coming to it's last days, I thought I'd "Show Off" two of my latest templates for it, so to save time, I've already done one of them, the other should be done in a few days. Here's the first:


Yeah it's awesome in fact, but for some reason I feel something is wrong about it (Bet all of you would be like LOLing at me for saying that). This is an awesome design in fact, but I'm not sure now since the current one I'm creating seems more better. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near to completing that one, but I originally started it off with my signature which I'm currently using:


You'll hear from me in a few days time. Anyways feel free to comment on anything really. Anything you comment on might make me a bit more better. Thanks.

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