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In school right now? Chat it up here.

Harwood Butcher

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Well I'm bored right now so I decided to make this topic while I'm sitting here waiting for my teacher to take a look at the project I'm working on for her.

Anyways, this topic will be for those who are currently in class. This is where you could discuss what you're currently doing and how badly you want to be home right now.

Here's the project I'm working on.



NOTE: If you want to reply to someone's post while you're not in school...PM them.

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OK, so I'm not actually in school right now, BUT just to say TGTAP isn't blocked st my school! :clapping: I couldn't post here because I went at the end of the

period. Anyways was on youtube watching some random stuff, really bored. Sorry if this is a bump just felt important. GTA IV out tommrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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