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Saleen S302 Extreme


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OMG! That car is porn on wheels.It`s beautiful,Ford did a good job.Bit weird,calling it Saleen.

Erm...cos..it WAS a ford mustang, but a tuning company (similar to how mines tune nissan gtrs) called Saleen, tuned it, with bodykit and the engine tuning (if you read the link) to get to 600hp or whatever it is...

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I'll say one thing, i bet that car sounds so good it'll make you come.

A black powder coat on the rims would make it better, but i wouldn't say no as it is?

For 80 thousand dollars (cba to think what it'd be in english money) i don't think you can go far wrong.

I think you mean cum.

But, that car is hot, hot, hot. I would definetly have sex with that car.

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