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Nice Rhino spin bounce not recorded


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I was using a teleported to lv tower on a samp server and I fell down and bounced the floor and after like 1 second later I had bounced up very high spinning around like if you would have done with a monster dynamics car, World record? maybe....



I couldn't record it because I wasn't prepared with fraps coz I just fell down by misstake.


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Awesome dude. That's a sick spin. Still not sure if it's really like you said because you didn't record.

Take his word for it genyus, happens all the time if you teleport in a tank. If you got samp, try it out (though most servers are a bitch to find tanks on).

If you're looking for a way to stop spinning, just, teleport, then, mid - spin, teleport again and you should land normally. I'd go out now and get a vid, but i'm on the laptop, running fraps, SA, and SAMP would tear this thing into a fine pulp.

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well, as I said it was by misstake and I wasn't having fraps on, I've tryed with fraps on a few times but the spin isn't the same, just like 5k rotation, which is nothing when you look at this.I don't really care if you trust me or not, it's your decision.


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