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Expanded Liberty City Map

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As I said, here´s another map, it´s an update for all the guys that thought that the old one was too small and with too few roads etc. so I´ve expanded it, check it out:

(I know it´s not like Kikizo´s map, but I started on this before the previews, so what the heck :D)

Old one:


New one:


Hope you like it!

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Then how do they border you off from the city limits? The roads just end and you fall into blue hell :lol:

OMG u thik or sumthin, this is just a mokeup that Brotha has created. Its not the official 1 Brotha is the best person to create videos and maps for GTA hell he shuld work for R* lol.

But Brotha that is a hell of a good map!

Keep up the good work!

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