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Euphoria Engine Demo


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I've been messing around with endorphin, it's actually really really easy to use, and damn fun when you get used to it, and realise just what can be done.

I supose it's entirely different from a development POV though. Where i'm setting specific parameters, the ones in game have to be subject to change all the time. So, basically, this program is running at full pelt, several times over, ontop of everything else that needs loading / rendering / displaying, all at the same time.

That's insanity.

I recommend it to anyone who's PC can handle it.... it's running like a dream on my laptop, so you should be ok. It'll give you a feel of what IV will actually be like in terms of physics, and put in perspective just what is possible...

(Karate kick to the head, off of bulding... :rolleyes: )

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