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You know thAT SHOW WERE people have to answer questions truthful and the questions are personnal,i forgot the name of the show do you think that show is going to far by asking people have you ever touched a female co-worker inapropritely cause that show seems to make everyone hate each other im sure there are gonna be divorces over that show or maybe they will get sued or something whats your veiw on that show do you think its wrong to ask people those kinds of questions.Some know what show im talking about those who do know what im talking about reply.

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That show is incredibly stupid. As long as you can manage to remain calm while answering the question then you have nothing to worry about.

Smoke a J before the show and you're set.

Whats smoking gonna do?that show is immoral but i like it how people get nervouse just stay calm and they can lie if they think about it or act strang it will detect someones lieing.
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smoking has always made me relaxed. and that banned thing, does that really mean that your banned from the forum?

Yeah it does, you (Most of the time) cannot escape ban but this member (Hazer) did escape ban in February. Please can you stop bumping topics what haven't really had that much of a good amount of discussion?

(I have smoked before and I will probably not smoke again therefore it is not relaxing to me)

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Yeah this is a very stupid show. I was reading one time that they take the answers the people give completely put of context too.

Ex). When some girl answered that she had cheated on her husband before, the show made it seem like the husband just found out on the show. The truth was that they both knew already and they said that they are trying to work together to overcome this and to stay in love with each other, or try to. The show cut that whole segment out because it wouldn't get as many "OHHHH SHIT" moments and views if it was that innocent, so the show made her seem like a monster to all of her friends and family.

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