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GTA IV Australian Version Uncensored


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The Australian version of Grand Theft Auto IV will be uncensored. Here is a statement from Rockstar Games:

"No GTA has been censored since Vice City. Grand Theft Auto IV has been rated in its entirety. The rating is on the OFLC website."

The rating given was MA15+ for strong violence, strong coarse language, and drug and sexual references.

Source: Planet GTA

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How come it's only the Australian version that's being uncensored? Odd.

The Australian government feels that it has the duty to protect children from obscene material (lol) so they review video games and if they are too violent or sexual they are refused classification and not permitted to be sold.

The US will never censor a game in such a way but again if a game is too violent or sexual then the ESRB will give it the AO rating, meaning it won't be sold in most stores.

The British don't give a fuck and games rated 18 are still sold in stores.

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Screw the Government. My 8 year old brother plays San Andreas, picks up hookers then runs them over to get his money back, slashes the heads off random people with his Katana and he hasn't gone out on a rampage with a gun yet and doesn't plan to. It won't make a difference whatever they will decide to rate the game.

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God no...he is gonna jump on R*'s case again. Im sure.

So where is the catch...I mean the game is gonna be pretty much violent and bloody, how did the Aussies allow it to slip. I mean, ya I know VC and above went by without hindrance. Maybe their level of violence is a bit higher than what we think. I don't know honestly.

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