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GTA Movie Started... and Cancelled

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connor is right but i would love it i mean look at the godfather its still on TV since like the 70s or something no even earlier idk when but people still love it i own the box set and there could be a lot of movies on it box set for LC,VC,SA lol just a though

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It would be great if they did San Andreas, as Young Maylay looks and has the voice of CJ, and how are they going to film the movie if the cities are fictional? Then there's physics..CJ can't carry around a pistol, an Uzi, a shotgun, a Sniper, an M4, a rocket launcher etc simultaneously so there's a problem. And since a lot of the stuff in the game is based on real life products, it would be easy finding props :P Elegy = Skyline R34 hehe.

Young Maylay acted out CJ in the san andreas game.

The cities are based on real places in america. Some places are rockstars version of the real places. Los Santos-Los Angeles San Fierro-San Fransisco Las Venturas-Las Vegas. Easy.

Also they wouldn't actually play by the same story, guns, whatever. That'd be a bit boring.

Would be interesting. As long as it isn't about SA...

Should be directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Main character James Hetfield from Metallica :P

I'd be curious if this came out...

why not sa. thats the best one. its got a great storyline too,.

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Trailer for the 1977 movie, GTA.


If they make one for the game, I nominate Sky & TEC 9 to do a morning show on one of the radio stations, banned

members can be idiot callers & use as many of the voice actors from the games as they can get.

Here's the next best thing, starring Samuel L. Jackson (aka Tenpenny) -


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