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Best GTA... Old Skool


Which was the best old skool GTA ?  

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  1. 1. Which was the best old skool GTA ?

    • GTA1
    • GTA London
    • GTA2
    • I dunno i have never player one, i am a loser.

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Yeah man thats true GTA 2 made the series GTA 1 only started the game not the whole series but if there wasnt a GTA 1 there wasnt a GTA 2 and if there wasnt a GTA I think the whole world will come to an end.

GTA3 made the series IMO, it was a great move by DMA design/R*, their game was a massive hit.

But GTA 1 & 2 were wht i grew up to, man.

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Topic bump I know, but I want to have my say.

GTA 1 for me.

The original that started it all. I remember playing it, and thinking how kickass it was at the time.

Although I agree that GTA III "made" the series into what it is today.

I never thought playing GTA 1 back when I was 12, that in a 10 year period the GTA offspring would be 9 games.

GTA fan for life man.

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I have to say GTA 1, I played it 10 years ago when it came out, but on a playstation demo disc (which I still own, and it works) instead of the full game. I should really buy 1 + 2, and maybe London, to finish my collection. I always tried to do as much of the opening missions as possible, I could do 4 at a push before the demo timed out, irritating that.

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