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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Save Game Problem!


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Hey, i've got a problem with GTA: San Andreas. You see, i downloaded a 100% complete save file and put it in that save files folder. BUT! Here comes the problem, when i start the game, go to load game and choose the ''Freeway (100% completed save game)'' it loads a NEW game (The airport thing comes up). So the question is: What can i do to fix that? How can i make the save file work?!

PS I got Windows Vista if you wonder, i had this problem too on other computer that got XP

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A new problem people, I did downgrade it, now when i try to play a save game (100% one) The game shuts down and Vista says: ''gta_sa.exe has stop working blablabla'' but i can start a new game.... It's already version v1 now what is the problem!??

EDIT: I can only play from MY own save game.... but no other downloaded

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