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New GTA IV Screenshot at GameSpy

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Sorry it's pretty small, but I'll try to get my hands on a bigger version soon.


Source[/b]: Gamespy

Yes, it's great. It's always a wonder why people always quote GTA4.net or GTAForums as their sources. Is GTANet really faster at providing GTA news? I don't think so. Let's jsut take the past few weeks for example. I don't think they've kept the page really updated, as compared to here at TGTAP, GTA4HQ or GTAGaming/

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Your getting a lot of information Mark, Well Done.

Screenshot is good, the lighting is very good but who is the guy with the back faced to us?

According to this topic on the forums, I think that's 'Bell', if you look at his jacket and hair, and the other guy can be possibly 'Roman'.

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