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GTA IV Exclusive Content Equal To San Andreas/Vice City

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* No price has been discussed yet. It’s up to Rockstar on whether or not they will charge for it

Hah! That made me laugh. Microsoft will charge for it, remember the free Gears of War stuff that Microsoft charged for... But well done to all who's getting it, should be fun.

Maybe, but so what? Do you not like paying for stuff? Do you think we should get it for free((after MS paid 50 mill for it?))?

Glad I bit the bullet & bought the 360. Still plan on getting the PS3 for their exclusive titles. I still half expect Sony to

come up w/ something eventually, just not whatever MS paid (BIG) for.

When the 360 DLC comes out I'll go ahead & get it, let you guys know if it's worth getting.

Pfft as if...it cant be much bigger...did they forget that they gotta store all this stuff somewhere!?

Um, hard drives. The 360 does use them, and so does the PS3....

Let's not go off topic now, no more "I regret buying a PS3 " or "Grreat that I have a XBOX 360"

The topic is about the DLC, can't people be happy they can get it, or upset that they can't?

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Im kinda tired of R* trying to continue old gta episodes like VC or GTA III... We had VCS and LCS and i think thats enough and i played them and especially LCS sucked ass becuase it was like the 2001 VC with crap graphics and no features like climbing & swimming and none had buying clothes or tunining cars. I have a PS3 and im happy i got it because i play many games online and i dont have to pay a shit and just cuz of some extra content im not gonna go crying and wishing i got an Xbox or buying the extra content with credit cards. GTA is cool but its not MY ENTIRE LIFE and trust me its going to be good for both PS3 and 360.

PS i always hated the Xbox

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Something occurred to me, If R* makes the next installments in DLC form they could use most of the resources on the

GTA4 disc & just have a patch (which may include a few new models) & MAIN.SCR, overall not very big on the hard drive.

OFF TOPIC: Did the 120 gig HD (X360) come w/ a transfer kit? If so, how does it work (as in what do you have to do to

move data from one HD to another)?

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