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Multiplayer help!

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A friend and I are having problems setting up a multiplayer match on Liberty City Stories.

Basically, the problem is, we have no idea to even start the game.

Any help would be so muchly appreciated.

It seems like something basis and obviously I'm doing something stupidly wrong.

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You'll have to say the version and all first!!

I'm not sure versions matter when you play Multiplayer on LCS.

Hmm... If I can remember so, do you both have a PSP each? If so, you able to play it. I believe you go onto the PSP Home Menu, and find the icon which has 2 PSP trying to communicate (That's the 'Game Sharing' setup). I think then you start playing Multiplayer. I haven't played LCS for a while now, so I could be wrong, but try it out, that's what I did when I played Multiplayer.

Once you're done and it starts working, choose a game you'd like to play (e.g Liberty City Survivor, Street Racing etc.), and enjoy.

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basically what you need to do is:

A. make sure you are both on the same channel (this should be somewhere in the settings not sure where...)

B. make sure both of you have you WLAN switched on (the switch on the left hand side of the console)

C. that you both have a copy of the game

D. that you know where the multiplayer option is...

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