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Liberty City Stories Trivia V2

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ATTN: Everyone. It's hard to make a general announcement due to this is the only type of GTA section game; But. I'm bringing back an old forum fun and games rule; back from when the posts actually counted. Take Person 1 and Person 2. I don't want the posts going

Person 1 asks question

Person 2 answers and asks new question.

Person 1 answer and asks another question.

You get the idea (if you don't; PM me) I'm feeling like some of this is going to major post whoring, though I don't want to disrupt your fun in trivia topics. Also, I want to eliminate the idle chat crap. Like "lol cool" or "yeah" Post will be deleted and warnings handed out if you aren't complaint.


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Please do NOT make useless posts like that. It is a waste of time, space and counts as spamming.

If you don't know the answer, don't reply. Very simple.

Sometimes we say Pass when we don't want to ask a question.

But okay, we'll stop.

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