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Mini Cooper in GTA IV?

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It actually looks like a people carrier. Nothing like a Mini-Cooper.

What is a people carrier?

Looks like a Range Rover of some kind, surely not a Cooper. Still, it's a shit image, could be anything.

Looks nothing like a Range Rover. Range Rovers are big and boxy. That's neither, really....

I tried to find this recent screenshot, but with no luck. You should probably post the original screen.

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That screen can be found when you take the Libert City History Quiz. The basic shape of the car does look like a Mini but considering that it's a "Mini" it does look rather large, plus those rails on the roof don't come on any of the Minies that I've seen.

Whether it's in the game or not, Isn't really that big an issue, unless R* are looking to pay homage to a certain 1960's heist film, which would require that specific vehicle to do the "Job" & where you are only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.

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He said five or more seats. That means my tiny Jetta is a "people mover".

The bigger screen makes it a lot easier to see, actually. It's definitely a van or POSSIBLY an SUV.... I'm voting for mini van.

I meant 6 or more seats. Anyway, here is the real picture of a Ford Galaxy, just here: http://www.autoblog.com/media/2006/02/Galaxy_02_HR.jpg. Googled it.

If that was a Mini Cooper then obviously it would have a different name than "Mini Cooper" but I don't think it is a Mini Cooper at all.

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