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Mini Cooper in GTA IV?

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The car looks a bit bulky. Doesn't appear to be a great getaway car. I was thinking it would be a newer version of the Perennial. As you all know they've been in the games GTA 3 onwards and maybe it's time for a change in the new Liberty City.

Further Examination of the shot:

Look behind the Limo. See the SUV? That's a Cadillac Escalade. The rear represents one, however the front seems to be a Lincoln Navigator.

Also, the white convertible next to this Mini or whatever you call it looks a bit like the Mazda MX5, however it seems a bit too big for one.

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What is a people carrier?

Umm... A car that carries people... Nuff said.

Umm... That's all cars.... Genius....

And where do we keep getting these low small cars like Mini Coopers or the Club from SA? It's rather obviously a van or SUV. Then again, a funky station wagon would also make sense. Quite frankly, the cars are too far away to tell what they are for sure.

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