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I dunno if anybody before has started a topic about this but i think its time. I hope that in IV multiplayer will not suck as much as in SA where you could just hang out together. I hope in IV there will be a number of options for multiplayer such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, online play (confirmed i heard), racing, capture the flag, co-op story and more stuff. I dont think that IV will be as bad as SA and hopefully we can play through split screen. What do you think?

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I absolutely hated the multiplayer in SA.

I do hope that IV will give us a chance to roam around with friends - double the chaos.

Agreed. Id like to say in a preview in Edge magazine, they asked Houser about multiplayer and he didnt say much but he did say:

"I'll meet you in a car and we'll hang and just drive and listen to music, chilling in the car, with your 3D model sat next to me,"


I too hope there is some form of deathmatch, etc.

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If Dan said that, there will be NO DM.

I think there will be since in another interview i think with EGM he said he had a lot of fun cooking a grenade and running up to other players and taking them all out with him,

he said you can jump into another players game in EDGE but I believe there is also deathmatch, he just didnt want to give too much away

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The San Andreas multiplayer was a good start, but it was too limited. There needs to be more options to choose from, DM is just one of the many they could include.

For multiplayer in gta IV, i at least hope they add split screen, and the ability for both players to drive cars simultaneously.

Exactly! Split screen + DM would be the ultimate. Then you could race each other and DM each other and CTF would be cool too just as a little extra. I didnt even get the point of SA multiplayer cuz you couldnt do anything exept drive around together...

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if it as anything like it was in lcs and vcs (just with a split screen) i will be happy but some advancements would be nice

Yes that was a good step of R* but as PS3 is playable with 4 player on one system they should make a propper SPLIT screen and more modes than just DM. CTF on Racing or something creative...

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This is really cool now that we know everything about it. R* are really the best becuase they include everything in one game. Online mutliplayer is going to be the sh*t. PEOPLE WHO SAID THERE IS NO PLAYER CUSTOM. IN YO FACE!!

For those who dont know yet:

Game mode 1: Hangmans NOOSE

Game mode 2: Car Jack City

Game mode 3: Bomb da Base

Game mode 4: Bomb da Base II

Game mode 5: Mafia Work

Game mode 6: Team Mafia Work

Game mode 7: Deathmatch

Game mode 8: Team Deathmatch

Game mode 9: Turf War

Game mode 10: Cops N Crooks

Game mode 11: Race

Game mode 12: GTA Race

Game mode 13: Deal Breaker

Game mode 14: Free Mode

Game mode 15: Car Jack City

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