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did you like the music


did you like the music  

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  1. 1. did you like the music

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promise me your not going to laugh :blush: , but i like Radio Los Santos AND K Rose

Also, the weather predictions are pretty cool, i was driving in fog when the host on RLS said there were some fog coming from the bay. :wub:

Also, on K dust, the host said somthing in these lines:

" poeple have been reporting strange lights in the sky. The locals say these are aliens, but who would travel 1 million lights years to hang out with you?"

pretty funny

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the music was brill. as it was the time when rap was just becoming the new 'Thing' they did pretty well to catch the early 90's feeling music wise. i'm a fan of rap. not huge but i like it and so. i like most the music even the none rap stuff

eDIT: Sorry i didn't realise the last post to this topic was on the 21st. i don;t think thats too bad of a bump?

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