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While reading the "Hardest GTA" topic i thought to myself, "Whats the hardest mission?" if any of you can remember that mission that pissed you off sooooo bad that you punched the couch and threw the controller (maybe a bit of an exaggeration) then post your memorys here, in as little or much detail as you want...

Personally, i can remember quite a few missions that made me do the described above, but my first one i think would be the final mission in GTA III. My god that one gave me the shits, trying to get through all those columbians at the dam.

That mission seems a breeze now, but i was 12 - 13 when i first played it....

Edit: Later on I'd like to do a poll based on the most listed missions here (if that happens) , so even just a game and mission name (or description. i can figure it out) would be fine. cheers

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I can't really remember all the missions to be honest, most of them were pretty fun completing.

But I remeber the mission in San Andreas with the lowrider car where you have to dance with the car, man that took me many tries to complete the first time. And the Up up and away mission to (Im not sure if it's the right mission name) where you have to fly that plane over a mountain, and then parachute out of it. That plane was very difficult to control and difficult to maintain hights.

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GTA 3 = Espresso-2-Go

GTA VC = Demolition Man/Dildo Dodo

GTA SA = Quite a few... Learning to Fly, N.O.E, Freefall, Dam & Blast, Up Up and Away, Vertical Bird... all the flying missions were hard.

And also Marked Man from III + Supply Lines... from SA.

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Bomb Da Base from GTA III. Why the fuck 8-Ball doesn't just hide until I've killed everyone is beyond me.

Exactly what I've thought, but think if somebody spots him hiding behind the barrels, one shot makes them explode in his face.

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