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Xbox Live Gamertags

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In this thread you post your Xbox Live gamertag, browse through the topic to find friends on this forum to play GTA IV with, when the game is out you could also say what game modes you play the most, then you'll get people adding you who also play the same modes.

My gamertag: ChrisJP88

If you add me, please don't expect me to play with you all the time, and also, let me know who the hell you are if your gamertag is different from your username here. This forum has thousands of members, I don't actually know all of you, so don't expect me to.

Please leave random discussion out of this thread, you should just post your gamertag and if you like, what game modes you mostly play.

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ahh what the hell... ill post mine, even though it isnt even on my own xbox (dont have my own yet):

Demon Delight

since its my friends 360, ill barely be on...

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