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OPM, EGM Feature New GTA IV Previews, Screenshots


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The latest issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM, U.S.) both feature brand new previews and screenshots of GTA IV. EGM received a preview of GTA IV’s multiplayer features, while it is unaware of what OPM got their hands on as of now.

EGM’s preview was four-pages long and contained three new screenshots, none of which are multiplayer ones, and none of which have appeared online (yet). To anyone with the magazine, be sure to send TGTAP your magazine scans of the new screens!

OPM’s preview also contained three new screenshots, which have appeared online in the form of scans (obviously not the best quality). They feature Niko being chased by the cops, running in his casual suit, and shooting someone or thing in a toilet. You can view the screenshots below:

OPMNew1_th.jpg OPMNew2_th.jpg OPMNew3_th.jpg

Thanks to Chargr for the screenshot scans!

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That muscle car looks awesome, I can't wait to see how it handles.

It sounds as if a lot of thought has gone into the multiplayer modes, they almost seem like complete missions in themselves. The cops & robbers style modes seem to have a lot of depth & freedom to them, I love the idea of using a gunship to cover/support your team mates on the ground, while they're on the move. I think this side of the game is going to have an incredible effect on the re-playabilty factor of this game.

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