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GTA IV censored in Australia


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Seems the game wasn't tame enough for our fantastic rating system :rolleyes:

As most of you may remember, back in December of last year The Office of Film and Literature Classification awarded GTAIV with an MA15+ rating. Well, according to Screen Play, Rockstar had to think of the kangaroos and edit Grand Theft Auto IV to get the MA15+ rating. What was cut exactly? Rockstar isn't telling. We're hoping it isn't something too big. Personally, I'm hoping it doesn't effect online play between Australia and the rest of the world as it would be a bad day for me to find out that I can't get killed by kill Jared and the rest of the staff living in Australia in an online match.

Source: RockstarWatch

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Even if Rockstar edits something out of the game to avoid the censor, there is going to be a patch later on released to unlock all that stuff like the hot coffee mod. And I dont think it will be anything which is going to affect the online gameplay. It will probably be some changes in the graphics, they might make it less gory or something of that sort

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Yeah it's hard to say, I'm thinking the stuff removed was the sexual content that was mentioned earlier today in the news. From what I read, it sounds like the kind of thing our board wouldn't let through, insinuated or not, they would still consider it "obscene"...

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