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Ok at the latest news, New Information Revealed in ComputerAndVideoGames Article and three new GamePro scans!

I noticed something that made me think.

so copy/paste the thing:

-'Gruppe Sechs' securicars have returned and players are able to steal them and deliver them to locations for a reward, but this task is said to be much trickier than in previous games.

Basicly you can steal a securicar and deliver them to a location for reward. Now my question is, if it is said that it has been in previous games, for example gta:sa where was it?

I cannot remeber where could i sell the car, if anyone knows please let me know.

p.s: I know this is about gta:sa so maybe this topic isnt for gta VI, if it is not suitable for this underforum, please move it to SA.

Ty for your understanding :) have a nice day.

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