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Cannot Back-Up In Vehicles

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Just installed GTA games for PC via Steam. I cannot go backwards in any vehicles in GTA3 and GTAVC. The controls are configured correctly. Pressing Down/S makes the wheels spin and it TRIES to back-up. But it's acting like the brakes are locked. Yes, I've checked the keyboard mapping and the hand brake is a different key. Tapping the brake while trying to back-up stops what little movement there might have been as well as stopping the wheels from spinning - so I know that's not the problem.

As I'm sure you know, if you can't go backwards in the car you pretty much can't play the game.

Any help would be appreciated.


Update: Running on EVGA 680i SLI MB, dual 8600GTS' in SLI. Tried "dumbing down" the video from 1600x1200 and the problem went away. Stoopid, I figured since I'm running hardware that is light years ahead of anything available when this game was released that I could do it a full resolution. Silly me.

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