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GameTrailers Bonus Round: GTA IV

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GameTrailers.com has just released the latest episode of "The Bonus Round". This episode focuses on Grand Theft Auto IV, and talks about what we can expect from the game in terms of sales, controversy, and gameplay. The second part of the episode talks about the 360/PS3 console war and which version of GTA IV will come out on top, and the third part takes a look at the greatest moments of GTA's history. The show's panel consists of Michael Pachter, a Wedbush Morgan analyst, Pete Wanat, Executive Producer at NBC Universal, and Chris Morell, Senior Editor of GamePro.

Check out the episode over at GameTrailers.com

Thanks to Dennis and our friend Laz at GTAUnderground for the heads up.

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you know, its true.

im a ps3 owner, gta has always been a ps2 game and i always loved that. just like you xbox guys have the halo game. now i dont want to start a console war. but there really isnt much going for the xbox, its more expensive now with all the add ons and so on and the only upside is the downloadable content, which they say is new missions? well i havent completed san andreas. i got far enough to unlock all the islands and then i stopped. at that point i just use cheats to get the hydra or tanks or all the guns and just kill people and get chased by the cops. i dont care about the missions.and if this city is meant to be unlocked from the start then i probably wont even do 1/4 of the missions!. and i'll probably only ever be online after messing around in the city. and its also true that..

i didnt buy my ps3 until a month ago, and i WAS waiting for this game but i got impatient and wanted to play games lol. but i recon hundreds if not millions of other people will be buying their console over the next 2 weeks awaiting this game.

anyway, xbox is good for a lot of games . but personally i prefer the ps3, both the controller layout because i get lost when i play xbox games. both have pluses and minuses, especially since the fact sony are retarded when it comes to updates. but as for the game. i think this will be a much better game for the ps3 and not the xbox regardless of the updates.

cant wait for the game!!!

although, i hope if EA does take over take 2 then they dont ruin the name for gta 5. having those big $4000 suit buisness men driving the game ? hmm no thanks. i hope take 2 dont forget their ruits. i hope that EA if they take over means a bigger budget to make a much better game for gta 5. but you know what its like when those companies take over. and personally. take 2 have done amazingly well with rockstar in developing games. i hope they dont decide to change the mechanics of the game and try tweek it to make it their own style of game. when gta is already perfect.

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