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This is my official shop. For now we are only making graphics at the request of members. Prices may vary from 100$ to 10000$ depending on difficulty and complexity.

This are some examples with a brief description.

Broken: Difficulty: 2/10

This is a signature which a piece of it has been broken, giving it, itx distinct name.


Chrome Drops: Difficulty: 2.5/10

As you may see, this is chrome with a few drops....


Holes: Difficulty: 3/10

This signature has a few deep holes, this represents something dark with holes that let light in


You: Difficulty: 4/10

As you may see there is a distinct word in the signature; "You"


Greenish: Difficulty: 4.5/10

Greenish, a nice tight effect.


Wormholes: Difficulty: 3.5/10

This represent two nearby wormholes, this signature does not feature stars


Thunderman: Difficulty: 1.5/10

Who said humans couldnt control the weather?


Pinkissh: Difficulty: 5/10

A beatifull and shiny signature for girls. Due to the color combination, its one of my favorites :yup: Features a background Pinkissh effect aswell


This are just examples of the capacity offered in this shop. You may request at any time. Once i see your request in the topic, i will contact you via pm for more details and arrangements

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First they are all demos, meaning i aint going to put a 2hours made border...


Why is greenish labled harder to do than Thunderman? Greenish is just a bunch of filters. 

Because the greenish has a touch, i added something unique, the green things, they arent the normal pattern, i had to do something else to make it more random....thats why. And its not about overall diffculty, but how difficult they are for me.. get it?

And broken is just a coloured effect as well.

Dude every single signature is a coloured effect, if its not, it would just be plain or text :pissed:

Edited by Bryce
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Sorry for the double post, i cant believe this is my first one, anyways...

I just made this signature, it has no borders and its v0.6 (v1 is the final)

i just want to know what you guys think i should change....



I also did this version. tell me what you think (ABOUT BOTH OF THEM)


Edited by Bryce
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First they are all demos, meaning i aint going to put a 2hours made border...

Borders don't take 2 hours. They take like 2 seconds. Maybe 2 minutes if you're doing something fancy.

I see you're still limiting yourself to filters. In a bit you might want to start learning new techniques of creating things.

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