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Do You Believe?


Do You Believe In God?  

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I have to say that church exists also to give moral obligations (The feeling of guilt) basically it exists to give conscience

the church (espescailly the catholic one) is possibly the most money making and corrupt organisation that exisits (well ok myabe microsoft make more money...) they dont actually give a fuck about the people as long as they continue to recieve donations this has been known for hundreds of years for fuck sake william blake was writing about it in his poetry, JROCK, this not a new fandangled idea!

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well its what you rather think-

everything was created out of nothing somehow (the human mind cant understand this stuff) then you get born beacuse of some chemical reaction, work like a machine until your mechnism is old and broken or beacuse of too much damage and then you die (shut down) and that the end of it all...

or that a power beyond us has created everything (for some reason) and then you get born, your soul is brought into the physical dimension, then you die beacue of whatever reason and your soul lives on or you get reborn and its like this forever....

your choise

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