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Favorite Mode?


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I can't really grasp on my favorite mode yet...since the game hasn't even come out yet, and screenshots will not tell me how fun something will be. I would have to say Turf Wars and Free Roam will be nice. I would like Turf Wars because it would require alot of thought and planning to take over the enemy territories. Plus, I heard you can have AI help in the territories you control. That was one of my favorite features of San Andreas.

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I just think that in free roam it would be fun to get like 15 other gamers and have epic showdowns with the police or hang on a roof top with a sniper and look for a fellow freeroamer or even stalking someone slowly in your car and waiting for your perfect opurtunity to take them out with a single shot :ph34r:

it just seems like a way to get a massive ammount of stealth or destruction that isnt regulated

and cops and crooks sounds good

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