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Yeah, do not always believe what you read through Wiki........People can change what it says and put false stuff in there. Many people do it!

Still i do think tanks will be present. I would not of put that in their myself, as how many guys and firepower do you need to take down one guy......But hey, its all for fun. So it would be cool to maybe get one coming after you :w00t: It would be crazy!...Jetpacks and Fantasy cars is a no no.......Stupid idea! Still i would not put it past them to add something just as mad :yup:

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I also heard there will be no Jet Packs but there should be tanks, there in all the GTA's, and i think the army needs them in the game.

true but since gta has become more and more realistic, they might not add a 6 wanted level unless Niko becomes a terorrist threat

so despite that possibillity, we might find tanks rare in gta 4.

but there are cheats though, so i think you can't lose the fun in gta 4

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there are no invincible cars in San Andreas either... ???

anyway i hope the army actually fires with the tanks this time! that'd be cool. and Jetpack should still be in the game. it isn't actually a 'Fantasy' thing, especially since the army spent 60000000 $'s on it! (taxpayers money!) maybe it shouldn't be in the game but leave a cheat to spawn one!!! (i never go to the airport to get one. takes too long!)

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There are invisible cars, with cheats (i think).

And ArtSweet's right, no army unless Niko's a terrorist!!!

There was a bulletproof Patriot in GTA III & there were a number of special vehicles in SA that you could steal during missions, for example, if you could push Ceaser's Low-Rider into one of your garages after a race, it would be permenantly bulletproof & possibly fire proof. There were a few missions like that I can't remember all of the specific vehicles & capabilities.

I really want to see tanks in this game though, I have my fingers crossed for realistic crushing of cars & an end to all of that silly explosion on impact business, from the old games. Jetpacks will not be missed.

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Tanks and Jets are real!

(Presume you meant jet packs)

Yes jet packs are real, but due to their (lack of) fuel efficiency they can only stay airborn for around 20 seconds.

For the next buzzkill, one of the early reviews last year (can't remember which one) confirmed no tanks in GTA4. The

good news is that they said that before the release was pushed back & R* has been tweaking it ever since so there

MIGHT be a surprise.

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