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Do you think there is a cure?


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i think there is cures for everything. but the government doesnt let people have them because they are making too much money off of drugs to make people think it is working. and if there was a cure for everything then nobody would die.

What? That doesent make sense.

And what you said last, if there was a cure for everything, just remember you would still die of old age.

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how do you die of old age? old people die from diseases. let me change what i said. people wouldnt die from illness or diseases. i bet of you asked a coroner if people can die from old age then they would probably laugh. people die from illness and accidents and murder. there is always a reason for somebody dieing.

You would be the one who gets laughed at, mate. Any coroner or doctor will tell you the human body or any animal cant last forever, even if its 100% free from illness. Why do you think old people are slower and weaker? Because their bodies are starting to deteriorate, its the natural process. And eventually their body will stop working, and they will die. That is how you die of old age.

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There will eventually be a cure for every illness, just it's gonna take very long obviously, and not all at once...And there isn't really any way to cure old age, and there never will be, and nobody will want to, if your an old person, you're gonna have a pretty shit mood, being all frail and shit. So you'd probably not be arsed if you're dead or alive.

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I don’t have the knowledge in medicine to pronounce myself and say there are cures for everything. I think that if there are no cures at least there are ways to make it easier to live with the illness you have.

I also believe that if you don’t feel and don’t fight to get better, you’ll never make it. You have to want something bad to make it come true.

There are so many things you can change with your mind, maybe everything, with the power of your mind. But there are so few that can really make it, and have this gift.

When I feel cold and start freezing, I begin to concentrate and with the help of my mind I stop freezing for a while. When I’m hungry I concentrate and my body stops feeling the need of food for a while.

So..I don’t know if there are medical cures for every disease, I don’t know if there are plants for every illness, but I believe that there are ways to cure oneself.

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