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Would you rather...

Vercetti Thug

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Here's how the game works. I put down a list of choices of what you would rather do. You answer it under me, then you put your list of choices, etc. I remember this is a GTA topic, so look at my list of choices for an idea.

Would you rather...

-Have sex with Auntie Paulet for 10 days?

-Be stuck on one of those water houses in Ocean Beach's water forever?

-Be locked in a closet with Lance Vance, who doesn't have his pants, for 10 and a half days?

-Get 100% without a walkthrough guide? (Now THAT is hard)


-Be Ken Rosenburg? (THE HORROR!)

Note: I dont know if someone else has made a game like this too, sorry.

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i would get 100 % without a walkthrough guide, save games are always ready :D

would you rather...

- be a Smoke's sex slave?

- one of CJ's homies to be killed in a drive by?

- the truth's friends but eventually dropped in the middle of desert


- stuck on the middle of the forest forever?

EDIT : i think this should be moved to Forum Games & Off-topic forum

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I am a monkey. So what? didnt i mention that earlier in this forum? Big deal man... I a monkey, a MONKEY!!! RESPECT IT and stop with this DISCRIMINATION!!!!

Do you respect that i am a monkey?


Do you respect that i am a monkey?

RULE #1 Never upset the monkey

RULE #2 Only the monkey can know what will upset him.

To the earlier question, I'll have Mercedes & Millie for an hour. Ryder can have Denise.

Who would your rather find in your living room, Ryder or 10 monkeys?

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Kids, but its a though choice cause they will wake you up every morning crying, wanting their momma' milk!!!

BTW, male prostitute called "Gigolo".

-Would you rather to...lick a poison lizards tounge and lick her cock (MALE LIZARD!!!DONT BE A FUCKIN SMARTASS!!!)


-To take a shotgun, shoot you in both of your legs, shoot in your dogs head (if you dont have, buy one!!!) and shoot in your eye.

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Umm, drink my own urine cause if you leave it out in the sun in a bag, it purifies so its safe to drink. Haha science bit your answer in the ass

Would you rather:

Fall off a building?

Die from hunger?

Get raped by Micheal Jackson?

Get raped by that creepy lady who lives up on the house on the hill?

Go to school?


Have 12 kids?

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