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what city/time period should gta4 be?


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I believe that the next GTA should take place in present day Cincinnati. Yes my home town. Its cool. Black people riot all the time. You could be a white guy, but the only problem would be that you dont want to be downtown at "Over The Rhine" if youre white or youll get killed. It would be an even better ghetto scene that SA, and you could drive to my house to kick my ass ;).

I really wouldn't like to see that stupid gangsta theme again

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How 'bout this:

Tommy goes to Tokyo. Perfect. As we all know Japan is several islands and there'd be the scope for cool scenery (especially in electric city) and techno gadgets like the jetpak only crazier.

Think of all those rain soaked streets with the neon lights!

Cool! (And maybe ninjas & shaolin monks too) :D

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To many games are set in New York, and I'm getting tired of that city. I want something new, big, and with lots of violence. London, Japan, and Russia are my top three choices. Japan is my number one choice, and even though they speak Japanese, I still think they could make a great game with it. For the time period, I think modern day would best suit Japan. London could be 1976, and Russia could be 1946? That might be to old so how about 1984.

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i think it should take place somwhere along one of the coasts on the united states in the year 2005. This wouldbe a good time period because then it can have good music "blink 182, senses fail , avenged sevenfold, alkaline trio, underoath, lost prophets, story of the year, ect." and also the guns can be updated...."m4a1, ak 47, mp5, steyr Aug, lr95, svd dragonuv, RPG, psg-1, desert eagle, p-99, anaconda, fa-mas and ect.'.....also it can have more cars if it is up to date. it can have import tuner cars, luxary sedans, muscle cars, and exotic cars. Also commercial trucks, ATV's dirtbikes, motercycles, jet skis, bikes, go karts, planes, heli copters, and there should be an aircraft carrier out in the ocean. that would be SICK {random lol} omg there are so many ideas i cant take it i just got a boner :innocent:

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