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Teaser Trailer Finished


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Lots of nice feedback. I'll probably start the new trailer tommorow and finish it off in the easter holidays.

Awesome I forgot it's the Easter Holidays next week, on Thursday, yay, 2 weeks off school. Sucks I have to revise for lame exams though. Well, at least I can leave that til the last minute, and make a stunt video first.

>.< Need to get my priorities right :nope:

Anyway yeah good luck with your next trailer.

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It was a teaser they're not meant to be long, anyway, I'm currently working on a new one, which includes lots of scenes, including the parachute screen (only motion) and some other stuff which you'll like. Haven't decided on the music yet, doesn't help that my sound card just blew and I can only hear crap out of it.

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