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grand theft auto 4 ?


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I hope not. It'd be great if it didn't. I think tow trucks could have an actual purpose then. I hope nothing in the game "vanishes." I't be good if, say, you see a really cool car going down a road. Instead of needing to catch up to it before it reaches the max draw distance (as in previous installments), it could be long gone from the screen, but the console keeps track of all the objects in the city, so you could catch up to it in your own time... Now that'd be cool. :D

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I think Rockstar learned and took there knowledge with them when they started making GTA IV. Everyone knows that the "vanish" problem wasn't ok at all. I think that you can keep up with cars as Rowie235 said, and I also do think that the cars will stay in the same position if you steal one and place it somewhere until you turn off your console.

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Another great thing about the ps3 and 360 game save thingys would be that cars, damage and other things will remain even after you turn off the console. all the ps3's have hdd's, so surely it could save such data. i don't have a 360, so i cant say anything about it.... I hope that GTA IV does this.

While its true that the extra space of the HDD would allow this, I think the save file would get too large if it has to save every bit of damage to cars, buildings, etc.

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