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Lazlow Reveals GTA IV Information.

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Lazlow who has been in many past GTA's, as a radio host and has also been one of the lead writers for the series, has given information on GTA IV while he was on a radio show 'Opie and Anthony show'.


Although talking about his inlvolment mostly and information we have already heard, these things that he mentioned are new.

  • Niko can date women he meets on online dating sites like Love-Meet.net
  • Recording sessions for the in-game dialogue and audio lasted ten hours a day five days a week for many weeks
  • Rockstar employees worked overtime, even on weekends, in order the complete the game on time
  • There will be over 100 different commercials played on the in-game radio stations
  • The Liberty City beer band 'Piswasser' is a direct jab at Budweiser, and will feature an ad sung by Anthony himself
  • The in-game internet is ridiculously extensive and will contain spoofs of various popular news sources (both liberal and conservative), blogs and websites. There will also be pop-up banner ads to complete the browsing experience.
  • Injuries will be more important in firefights then before. If Niko is shot in the leg, for example, he'll bleed and limp
  • There will be periodic announcements in the subway stations that will randomly alert you of spontaneous police searches, extra security checks and plain ole harassment of passengers
  • Lazlow also stated that his personal favorite version of GTA IV is the 360 version because of it’s downloadable content which will contain (amongst other things) new missions, characters and comedy routines.

Source: GTA Planet

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sounds good mate but GTA is for the Playstation it started of with playstaion and then xbox got invoved ps3 should get some DLC cos its the main gta ever seince gta 3 its been on playstaition

Except the ps3 in 2007 was a major flop and Sony isn't about to put out the amount of financial backing microsoft can for this extra stuff.

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