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Saints Row 2 copying GTA IV commercials

Gin Ichimaru

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From GTA Forums:

Anyone noticed how Saints Row 2 is using the same kind of commercials as GTA IV?

You know, the toungue-in-cheek type of commercial spoof.

Compare this:


To these:





Don't the Volition people have any shame??

By the way, why hasn't Rockstar sued Volition for the blatant copy that is the Saints Row franchise.

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An additional link can be found here http://theslackerfarm.com/news/saints-row-...es-and-weapons/ for those who cannot install the missing plug-ins.

To be honest. That's one miserable attempt to copy GTA's way of verbally degrading the city they're focusing on. Not only is it a blatant copy of GTA, but how are they supposed to even live up to GTA if the graphics suck, the physics are crap and the damage to cars are absurd?

I say they take out at least another 3 years before they make an attempt.

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Funny how the graphics haven't improved at all since the first one.

GTA has traditionally been notorious for sub-par graphics and with IV they look so good, plus the dynamic physics...Saints Row 2 didn't improve the graphics or physics at all.

Plus all the shit in GTA IV like the Internet, the humor, etc...that SR can't copy no matter how hard they try.

It's not even close.

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Shock paddles is just crossing the line of weird weapons. The Bear is just copying the SWAT Tank from SA, the Water Craft is the Jet Ski from VCS, the Tornado is the Hunter. I know Volition are working really hard on trying to make SR 2 better than GTA IV, but face it; it will never happen. The graphics suck, physics haven't changed much either. They even have spelling mistakes! The part when all that text shows up. "Didm't make any sense did it?"

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At the very least, it won't be as bad as other GTA clones such as The Getaway, Driver, True Crime, etc. Besides, I don't think Volition was trying to make a better game than GTA IV, just a fun alternative.

EDIT: Yeah, SR does rip off pretty much everything from GTA. But, isn't that why it's fun?

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So the problem is that one video game is ripping off another game about being a huge felon?

:rofl2: :rofl2:

So what? L-RiC is right, rip-off or not it's still a lot better than the listed competitors (although Driver:PL was good).

I thought the shock paddles were frellin' hilarious, SR garages aren't notorious for losing cars & SR was full of working

(in game) phone numbers you could call from your handy phone. No one's crying rip-off about GTA4's phone. If anything,

Volition is giving R* a little honest competition & encouraging them to keep improving. It's no different than comparing

different makes of cars, you're going to see similarities.

I liked the trailer & plan to get this one on release day, I loved SR.

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