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WTF im no nazy

What about u communist

Did u know communism killed far more people then the nazy

That doesn't make nazism right. Nor do i think it's right, and nor do i want people thinking that i think it's right. It seems to have offended 2 of your fellow portuguese people, and if it's annoying them, them i'm afraid i'm gonna have to say no. Sorry dude.

Jrock - Don't think you're a nazi man, nothin personal, just.... the greater good.

Ivan - Feel free to have strong views, keep it cool.

DH - Same as Ivan, dude.

I'll get some goin' tonight...

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I want

One of Tommy Vercetti's men close upped to the face. Should be simple to get off of google images. I want it to be a significant sig size, more width than height, and I want the word Vercetti Thug stand out to the bottom right or left of the image. I dont know how to send money, it just doesnt work for me, so i guess this has to be a pity job.

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Hey. I don't mean to moan or anything.

But I'd like to know when or is Llama doing my sig?


Be patient I©e, he is probably busy at work or something right now. Remember that he had a problem with saving .PNG files a little while ago.

Plus, out of the 5 different explanations you've given me (all, I'd like to add, different), None make sense. Give me ONE SINGLE DEFINITIVE request, plain English please.

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@Jrock: Ok, just imagine you're a bit older then you are and lived in the Netherland. Your dad got sent to Auswitz. He got tortured and eventually murdered there is one of their gas-chamers, cause he didn't have the strenght to work anymore. All of that for no valid reason at all. Just because his neighbour needed to have money so he told the nazi's that your dad was spreading illegal papers, when he actually wasn't doing any such thing.

Remember, this story is very lickely to have hapened. So, in that case, would you still find it a cool image?

I have to agree, they succeeded in spreading extreemly nationalistic (imperialistic) feelings with their propagande, so it did what it had to do. But it's the tought behind it that counts. Same with any one called bin laden. Though they might be far from the person that Osame bin Laden is, people still have won't have possitive feeling towards anyone who carries that name. Understand?

It's not the image it self, but the meaning of it.

Also, this comes from a guy who usually supports the right-wing politic, so please don't come with the commi stuff. Though I have to admit, with the avatar Ivan has I did think he was a communist. I can't see any other reason why he'd have it. Though I do have a dislike towards communism (and many, many others with me), it isn't necessarily a bad thing (at least, not like nazism is/was).

I hope I made my opinion clear.

Sorry for all this off-topic stuff MrLlamaLlama, but I just wanted to make clear to him why exactly it's bad, since he didn't really seem to understand.

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