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San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help


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I just started this a while ago. I am going to make san andreas like gta iv. i've changed all text, menus, and some settings so far. This mod will probably take me a few months.

If you would like to do one of these to help me, go ahead. Any gta modder can help me with this mod, you dont need my permission. I've put up a site here:


any modder can help: lets make the best mod anyone has ever seen.

I might be new here but i've been playing and modifying san andreas for a long time.

this may be a big bump, but:

1. the website is down and

2. Where can i download this?

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hey you suck :spam::thumbsdown: ,100000000000% you can't make this,this is just a plan,i know you can't,so it will good if mod lock this topic

Dude go F*** urself, they had it goin pretty good, but then all activity seized. so i want to know whats happenin? as for you, "badboy_zay", go :spam: urself!!!

OH,you n00b, :thumbsdown: ,this mod is bad,10000% you can't make this because there are no picture,just a stupid idea of a kid :thumbsdown:

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