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Cheats & No Awards for San Andreas

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First of all we have a couple more cheats from edisoncarter:

Always Midnight:

Clock stopped at 00:00. Weird sudden weather changes. If you kill yourself, it stays at 12:00.


Recruit Anyone (Rocket Launcher):

Recruits get a rocket launcher if they don't already have a weapon.


In other news, you may remember we reported last month on the Game Developers Choice Awards, in which San Andreas was nominated for an award in 4 categories. Unfortunately and suprisingly San Andreas walked away with nothing for a change, the big winner was Half Life 2 which grabbed 4 awards.

Source: GTASanandreas.net

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Alryt, lets ignore him, as he has been banned, anyways, i like the ideas of recruits having a rocket launcher, i hope they are smart enough not to shoot an opponnent when you are hitting him with your fist!!!! lol

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