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Soundtrack Music revealed by Amazon


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Amazon has update their product page for the The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack which comes with the Special Edition of the game, and can also be purchases separately. There are 16 tracks, some by bands you may know others by unknown bands. Here's the track list:

Song Title Artist

Soviet Connection (Theme from GTA IV) Michael Hunter

Dirty New Yorker Mobb Deep Featuring Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. Part 2 Sessions

No Sex For Ben The Rapture

No Fraid A Munga

Where's My Money Busta Rhymes

I Want You C.J.

Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh

Stand Up Jamrock Bob Marley & The Wailers and Damian Marley

Liberty City: The Invasion Seryoga

Vagabond Greenskeepers

On A Journey Electrik Funk

Nickname Qadir

Holy Thursday David Axelrod

War Is Necessary Nas

Zombie Fela Kuti

5:23 (Maiden Voyage) Global Communication

A few facts:

* There are 16 tracks in total.

* Michael Hunter; who made 'Soviet Connection' which is the games main theme, also did the main theme for San Andreas.

* Seryoga has an exclusive song entitled 'Liberty City: The Invasion'. You may remind him from the song he had on the second trailer.

* You can purchase the Soundtrack separately (not in the Special Edition box) on Amazon.

Source: RockstarWatch - http://www.rockstarwatch.net/news/462/Soun...aled-by-Amazon/

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