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People already recieving GTA IV Preorders?

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A mate has just told me, that his mate ordered GTA IV, Special Edition from HMV and he recieved it today. And my mate is expected to have his soon, maybe tommorow.

But can this true?

Might be true, but I have a Special Edition pre-order with them for my youbger brother, I havent had a dsipatch notification yet. I think they're posting them monday as they're using Special Delivery for free.

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I discovered a new e-mail in my inbox today. It was from the place where I pre-ordered GTA IV. It said that the game was sent Friday 25th of April and that I would take 2-3 days before I receive it in my mailbox, since the mail don't go in the weekends, that means that I will get GTA IV on the releaedate which makes me extremely happy for. :D

Now I really can't wait to play the game!

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Mark, go over to your mates mates house and check if he actually got it. Right now, I'm thinking it's a lie.

I would but they live up in Scotland. But I know for a fact theres a chance you can get it a day early, because Chris on here as told me months ago, that Play.com sends orders and gets stuff like a day before the actual release, so it couyld be monday, plus they work in Tescos and he said that they have tons of copies, which I don't believe because every store is supposed to have limited stock levels for GTA IV

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