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IGN.com review GTA IV


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Yeah, the game engine is amazingly great. Another thing that makes the final touch to the realism, I saw in an video that when you go close enough to a car, you can hear what the driver is listening to on the radio. That's one of the small details that count when it comes to gameplay and realism.

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I reckon this game is going to break the record of most sold games. I read somewhere 20 million copies are already sold.

I personally dont like seeing gameplay videos just because it sort of takes something away when you actually play the game, might lower the hype. This game will be good no doubt about it, I'm already thinking about the gta fter this.

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I expectet a 9.5 at max but 10/10 is just amazing ... I'm waiting for the Gamespot review because I use that site more often then IGN but heh it doesn't matter, I'm really happy for those who can play it this Tuesdady, hope you have a great time ... Hopefully this will be the best game of the decade so that they will port it to the PC :)

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The guy in the video sounded half asleep. Can't believe i didn't see this till now. Just watching the video made me cry, this game defines the term "Fucking Awesome".

He probably wants to keep playing the game, not do a stupid review. Also, reviewers sound stupid when they're all hyped up and talking about a game.

Notice the map last scene, it's flashing BLUE & RED. There goes that theory about it changing when on different islands. It probably is blue/red when you different wanted stars and/or when your health is low.

AWESOME GAME. :dribble: It's too bad I don't have either a 360 or a PS3, and I can't get it, I'm only a little boy--- Not close to 18 years old. :bashhead:>.<

Every part of this game is effing fantastic. :lolbounce:

GTA IV is one great thing to live for. Too bad there's no police chases in this video, I wanna see how they are.

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