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X-Play releases hands-on review and gameplay videos!

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X-Play (The G4 show) has just released some excellent gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto IV. Along with that they have released a hands-on session of Grand Theft Auto IV that they have been working on for five days. There is so much to watch... that's not all. They are going to have a one hour special tomorrow night at 8PM EST on the G4TV channel! There is so much going on today, I'm expecting a lot more than this.

Watch the videos by clicking on the side of the blog, you'll get it: click here.

Thanks NotYouHaha

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I bet there's way more (legit) videos out there if there's already this much. Time to go hunting. :)

I really don't feel like watching all those videos, it's too much.

Yeah same dude. I've watched all of the IGN ones and these ones as well. Way too much for me now, I just wanna go play :dribble:

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